Why is Calcia Unique?

Calcia is unique for 5 reasons:

          1. Preferred taste (Lemon, Orange, Spearmint)
          2. The right kind of calcium and vitamin D
          3. Clinically proven
          4. Available in a swallowable or a chewable
          5. Highest content of calcium and vitamin D in a chewable

1. Calcia tastes great

Calcia is great tasting, with 3 flavors to choose from: lemon, orange, spearmint. It also has a preferred mouth feel, without a gritty aftertaste or chalky residue.

In taste tests with other products, Calcia is the favorite! This is an important feature when considering that we must take calcium everyday.  It’s easy to take Calcia!

2. The Right Kind of Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcia is made with a high purity mined calcium carbonate. It is a safe and highly absorbed form of calcium. The galenic properties of Calcia result in:
          -Better calcium absorption
          -Better tolerability (less GI upset or flatulence)
          -Preferred to other chewable tablets

Calcia is not from the sea - It is a high purity mined calcium. It is less likely to cause Gastrointestinal upset or flatulence. In fact, most consumers/patients who are unable to take other carbonates because of stomach upset (and have been told they can only take a citrate), are able to take Calcia, because it is so easily dissolved and absorbed (Calcia can be ingested by people who have fish allergies because it is not from the sea or from shellfish).

Vitamin D plays a critical role in the absorption of calcium. Calcia contains vitamin D3 also known as cholecalciferol (Vitamin D2 is derived from fungal and plant sources, and is not produced by the human body). Vitamin D3 is derived from animal sources and is made in the skin when 7-dehydrocholesterol reacts with UVB ultraviolet light at wavelengths between 270–290 nm. Adequate amounts of vitamin D3 can be made in the skin only after ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure at least two times per week to the face, arms, hands, or back without sunscreen.  Not surprising, vitamin D deficiency is common amongst Canadians, since we tend to lack constant exposure to sun for  many months of the year. 

In most mammals, including humans, D3 is more effective than D2 at increasing the levels of vitamin D hormone in circulation.

3. Calcia has Clinically Proven Efficacy

Unlike many products on the market, Calcia has been studied in both prevention and adjunctive treatment of osteoporosis.

          -Calca is clinically proven to increase bone mineral density
          -Calcia is clinically proven to reduce the risk of fractures
          -Preferred to other chewable tablets
          -Calcia has proven long term compliance

It continues to be the number 1 product in Europe because of safety, efficacy and tolerability.

4. Available in a swallowable or a chewable

Calcia has added new Calcia DUO to it's family. Calcia DUO can be swallowed or chewed. It has 500 mg of elemental calcium and 400 IU's of vitamin D3

5. Highest content of calcium and vitamin D in a chewable tablet

Calcia has added new Calcia 1 to its family. The first and only chewable tablet containing 1000 mg of elemental calcium and 800 IU's of vitamin D3. Once daily dosing improves compliance. Better compliance leads to fewer fractures.